Top10 Energy Procurement Services Companies - 2022

Top10 Energy Procurement Services Companies - 2022

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  • EnerConnex

    As a trusted energy advisory consulting firm, EnerConnex combines extensive industry expertise with tech-enabled processes to help companies manage their power, natural gas, energy risk, and carbon management objectives with little effort on their part. The company caters to a vast clientele comprising businesses in nearly every vertical, from commercial and government to industrial and institutional. EnerConnex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of energy infrastructure company, SJI. The company tailors a comprehensive energy procurement strategy that helps companies accomplish their carbon management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives

    Amidst several energy consultants in the market, we stand out because of our technology, people, and proven processes

    Tony Barnhart, Managing Director

    Folsom, NJ
  • Acclaim Energy

    Acclaim Energy has been successfully assisting organizations to address their most critical energy issues and opportunities: procurement of electricity and natural gas, risk management, distributed generation, advanced analytics, and sustainability across numerous industries and markets throughout North America

  • ADVUE Consulting

    Advue Consulting helps businesses reach the next level by implementing strategies personalized towards them

  • Brakey Energy

    Brakey Energy is an independent energy management firm in Ohio that provides a comprehensive suite of professional energy planning and strategy services to Ohio’s largest commercial and industrial energy users

  • Eisenbach Consulting

    Eisenbach Consulting, LLC is a full-service energy procurement and management solutions company

  • Greencrown Energy

    Greencrown Energy & Water is the nation’s most trusted and professional energy and water advisory firm, specializing in energy supply and turnkey conservation measures

  • LUNA Energy Partners

    LUNA Energy Partners is a comprehensive energy consulting firm that provides energy management, renewable power development and regulatory support services to utilities, consumers and power developers

  • Power Management

    Power Management Company, LLC provides expertise in energy procurement and the development of strategic energy management plans for companies across all industries throughout the United States

  • Resource Energy

    Resource Energy Systems is a premier energy management company with decades of experience in the energy and real estate industry

  • Unified Energy

    Unified Energy is a full-service energy and utility consulting and procurement company