Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Services Companies - 2022

Hydraulic Fracturing Services Companies - 2022

\\\\ Top Hydraulic Fracturing Services Companies \\\\

\\\\\\\\\\ Top Hydraulic Fracturing Services Companies \\\\\\\\\\

  • Northern Oilfield Services

    Northern Oilfield Services, based out of Williston, specializes in offering the highest quality oilfield equipment rentals, wellhead tools, and directional drilling equipment. The company’s offerings are predominantly focused on well-control, including equipment supply for hydraulic fracking and drilling operations along with maintenance and repairs for wellheads all across the Western United States. With their broad portfolio of services, Northern Oilfield Services provides exploration & production (E&P) companies with safe, smooth-running, and cost-efficient oil and natural gas solutions.

    We are not just a service company. We provide data solutions by consolidating the information we have gathered through our 100 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry

    Jimmy D Robinson, Chief Operating Officer

    Williston, ND
  • Salt and Light Energy Equipment

    Salt and Light Energy Equipment harnesses the power of data to provide clients with a sophisticated platform to identify, measure and analyze critical metrics gathered during daily maintenance checks.

    For every dollar that our clients spend on our company for data and service, they probably save around five or six dollars themselves. So that’s a savings of almost 600 percent

    Shawn Mudigere, CEO

  • Nitrogen Services

    Nitrogen Services, LLC is a full-service nitrogen pumping & pipeline integrity company headquartered in Midland, Texas, with fully functioning facilities in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Corpus Christi, Texas. The firm offers services throughout the United States. Nitrogen services include onsite nitrogen production and pipeline pigging.

  • Texas Fueling Services

    TFS aims to establish a reputation for excellence by offering new and creative solutions to its clients’ diversified petroleum demands while also providing an unrivaled level of service & efficiency. TFS provides its clients with “Five Points of Commitment,” which assist them in achieving their purpose daily.

  • Baker Hughes

    Baker Hughes develops and deploys cutting-edge technology for energy and industrial organizations seeking more efficient, dependable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Its energy technology solutions assist energy and industrial organizations reach their net zero goals. Today, they supply the most efficient solutions while investing in the future decarbonization of the energy system

  • Calfrac Well Services

    Calfrac is among the world’s largest hydraulic fracturing businesses in horsepower, with a combined fleet of 1.3 million horsepower. Calfrac is an API Q2 accredited corporation with operations in Western Canada, the United States, and Argentina. Hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing, and other well-stimulation techniques enhance oil and natural gas output

  • CORE Automated Fueling Solutions

    CORE is a Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline firm that provides the energy sector with safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions as they move to a more sustainable future. It provides a cost-effective, sustainable fuel source for hydraulic fracturing fleets and drilling rigs, assisting clients in meeting new environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals

  • National Energy Services Reunited Corp

    NESR, founded in 2017, is a prominent national oilfield service company in the MENA and the Asia Pacific regions. They offer reservoir engineering solutions that improve efficiency and increase oil and gas recovery. They use extremely qualified and devoted personnel to perform efficient and successful fractures


    SlicFrac is a patented technology for strategically diverting frac fluid to untreated rocks, thereby boosting the stimulated reservoir capacity. Perf PODTM plugs seal both round and irregularly shaped holes while blocking perforations, making them the best solution for new completions and re-frac operations

  • Trican

    Trican’s hydraulic fracturing solutions are intended to safely and efficiently boost the production of the client’s oil and gas wells. Trican uses cutting-edge technology for the worst operational circumstances in all sections of the WCSB. Trican owns Canada’s biggest dual fuel fracturing fleet and is the first firm in the country to install a low emission Tier 4 DGB fracturing fleet