Top 10 Solar Energy Services Companies - 2022

Solar Energy Services Companies - 2022

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  • 64Solar

    64Solar specializes in commercial and industrial rooftop solar design and installation to help clients in energy management. The company leases rooftops for its Community Solar program and uses the collected energy to serve the commercial and industrial space, including commercial buildings, schools, and churches. This model allows anyone to benefit from solar irrespective of the building they are in. 64Solar ensures the continuous cash flow for building owners even if they don’t necessarily desire to leverage the electric benefits. The company pays through 20 years lease terms for solar without any investment on the owner’s part.

    Craig Harrigan, Founder

    Port Chester, NY
  • American Solar Power

    A solar system installation subcontractor covering every aspect of a commercial project from design to construction of carports. ASP carries out small utility and industrial projects covering all aspects from foundation design, construction of structures, installation of panels, and inverters. Approachable for service at any phase of a solar system installation project, the team can even complete unfinished constructions and rescue a job for a client if the need arises.

    We can design, install and even custom construct a solar system installation project for a commercial project

    Edwin Baranian, Founder and President

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Power Northwest

    Power Northwest is one of a select few Solar Roof Certified Installers on the West Coast and the only Certified Installer serving Portland, OR. Operating as a Tesla Certified Installer, Power Northwest is pushing the aesthetic envelope by integrating solar into rooftops via the Tesla Solar Roof. Working with local jurisdictions and using installation methods that they know to work in their local climate, Power Northwest can provide and install the Tesla Solar Roof in a manner that works.

    We’re on a mission to electrify the grid with clean power,” says Garrett Hartwell, the owner of Power Northwest. “We want to offer our customers the best in solar technology, and we believe that the Tesla Solar Roof is it. It’s durable, comes with a long-lasting 25-year warranty, and is absolutely beautiful to look at. This is solar, completely redesigned. It’s truly a market disruptor and we’re excited to be part of the revolution.

    Garrett Hartwell, Owner

    Portland, OR
  • Solar Negotiators

    The company puts forth the whole nine yards of solar energy system services to help its customers navigate the complexities of adopting a solar energy system and make informed decisions for their solar purchases.

    It is our goal to help home owners adopt solar energy systems efficiently and eliminate the concerns such as high electricity bills and frequent power cutoffs by generating and consuming their own powe

    Leroy Coffman, President

    Fresno, CA
  • Solar UV Solutions

    Solar UV Solutions offers excellent solar heating solutions for commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses. Solar UV Solutions offers the SunQuest 250—the company's first solar thermal patented product—as a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for large commercial, industrial, and agricultural heating and cooling applications. A solar thermal collection system, the product uses panels of evacuated tubes with extra coating to harness the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and convert it into a functional source of heat. The SunQuest 250 comprises two heat pipes inside each tube, unlike other products on the market that have just one.

    What makes us different is that we provide a solar thermal product that generates heat and not electricity. No other product really compares to ours in the marketplace

    Don Frank, Founder and Owner

    Indianapolis, IN
  • Velo Solar

    Velo Solar delivers data-driven, technically competent solar solutions customized for enterprises’ clean energy needs through a proprietary design-build approach.The full-service solar energy company provides turnkey solar installations, real-time energy management tracking, and operations and maintenance services to enterprises.Velo Solar offers a cost-effective way to unlock and gain an in-depth understanding of businesses’ energy data down to facility levels with its proprietary energy monitoring software PowerEnfoTM.Following the energy data analysis, the company creates bespoke solar energy solutions for clients, catering to their diverse needs, goals, and budgetary and risk considerations.

    Thatcher Young, VP - Business Development

    Atlanta, GA
  • First Solar

    First Solar designs and produces solar modules using modern semiconductor technology and offers complete PV system solutions. First Solar is developing an economical and ecologically friendly alternative to fossil-fuel generation by consistently lowering manufacturing costs. First, When demand for conventional energy is at its height, solar modules are most effective. By creating a prefunded, comprehensive collecting and recycling program for solar modules, First Solar established the ecologically responsible product life cycle management standard

  • Joule

    Joule was formed on the premise that engaging in energy innovation can benefit both the bottom line and the environment. Joule actively supports renewable energy adoption at both federal and state levels, assisting in positioning our country and the Southeast as worldwide leaders in both energy and technology. Joule is Louisiana's first recognized B Corp, and they work every day to make progress toward a more sustainable future

  • Kalahari Solar

    Kalahari Solar is a local solar and storage contractor that has nurtured partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to deliver products and services that are cost affordable while maintaining quality control

  • Performance Services

    Performance Services recognize that pursuing solar energy solutions is a significant decision based on its years of solar experience. Performance Services is available to help users and its stakeholders in any way they can. The company endeavors to make the infrastructure high-performing & cost-effective, so the solar process is not a burden to any firm