Top 10 Wind Energy Services Companies – 2022

Wind Energy Services Companies – 2022

\\\\ Top Wind Energy Services Companies \\\\

\\\\\\\\\\ Top Wind Energy Services Companies \\\\\\\\\\

  • KiNRG

    Driven by a mission to meet the surging demand for electricity, KiNRG is uniquely positioned as the innovator and curator of one-of-its-kind Downdraft Energy Tower, a hybrid solar-wind technology. KiNRG’s patented Downdraft Energy Tower is powered by dual-renewable sourcing that helps abundantly supply green energy through the existing utilities

    When the velocity of the wind is doubled, the kinetic energy generated is cubed. This is the key to the high-performance capability of our tower

    Ronald W. Pickett, CEO

    Herndon, VA
  • Vest-Fiber

    Vest Fiber is a premier industrial fabric cutting and stitching provider for manufacturing in the United States and worldwide. It supplies pre-cut, ready-to-use composite materials to be used in the manufacture of wind blades and provides clients with additional consultations for designs, packaging, and QA solutions.

    David Skinner, Production Manager

    Tarm, Denmark, Dębno, Poland and Moberly, MO, USA
  • All Energy Management

    AEM constantly works to bridge the gap between the engineer’s vision and real field circumstances, with over 30 years of combined expertise at the highest levels of the wind turbine industry. They have developed their reputation by providing practical answers and avoiding unrealistic expectations

  • Bernal Energy Services

    Bernal Energy Services, LLC strives to give their clients high-quality turbine maintenance, inspection, and repair at a reasonable price. They are a family-owned company with over 20 years of wind turbine experience. They are prepared to satisfy their customers’ demands from building to maintenance

  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy

    Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE) Renewables provides environmentally friendly energy options. BHE Renewables, a fully owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, has significantly invested in the country’s solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro projects. BHE Renewables generates 5,168 megawatts of sustainable energy for the wholesale market and long-term power purchase agreements with clients

  • Encore Renewable Energy

    Encore Renewable Energy is a full-service community-scale renewable energy services provider with a track record of project development from idea to completion. As a values-driven organization, the team specializes in recovering undervalued real estate for renewable energy generation and storage, assisting us in revitalizing communities and creating a cleaner, brighter future for everybody

  • FairWind

    FairWind is a global leader in providing one-stop solutions for the installation and service of both onshore and offshore wind turbines. Quality, health, safety, and the environment are closely interwoven at FairWind through well-defined rules and procedures within its integrated management system and a well-established safety culture among its staff

  • Global Power Generation

    Global Power Generations develops and manages power generation assets with a global perspective, utilizing technologies in which their knowledge ensures success. They also provide their clients with engineering, operation, and maintenance services for their facilities

  • Sky Climber Renewables

    Sky Climber’s basic mission is to enable people and companies to invent, build, and sustain the things they need and care about. This means clean energy for its renewables division - creating a future composed of clean energy solutions derived from safe and trustworthy sources, including wind and solar energy - solutions that will preserve both population and the environment for upcoming generations

  • UpTower

    After working in the wind business for several years, UpTower employees thoroughly know the demands and services provided. Their combined expertise working for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations has placed them in an ideal position